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Lisa Prajna Hallstrom is a teacher, singer, and spiritual counselor with a PhD in Hinduism and Buddhism from Harvard University.

She has taught at Smith, Mt. Holyoke and Bard Colleges and has facilitated personal growth workshops for many years as well as the Women's Spirituality Program at Interface in Cambridge, MA. She is the founder of an educational consulting firm called Karuna Consulting, offering training in mindfulness-based social and emotional learning and peace studies for pre-K through 12 schools. “Karuna” is the Sanskrit word for compassion and the mission of Karuna Consulting is to help teachers and students to water the seeds of compassion in their lives.

Prajna’s spiritual path integrates Hindu mysticism and bhakti yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, and earth-based spirituality. In the course of her journey, Prajna has studied with many spiritual teachers and, through the gifts she has received as well as the disillusionments, she has come to discover the power of a direct relationship with the divine, in particular with the Divine Mother.

Her book, Mother of Bliss: Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982), published by Oxford University Press (1999), is now available in paperback. Her upcoming book, The Gospel of Shri Anandamayi Ma: Conversations with the Divine Mother, will be available in 2021. For many years, Prajna lead kirtan in the Boston area. Her first live kirtan CD entitled “Jai Ma!” is available through CD Baby.

Prajna leads monthly gatherings called Ma Satsangs on Zoom to honor and share the teachings of the great spiritual being, Anandamayi Ma. She currently lives with her husband, Ted, in Amherst, MA, and enjoys connecting with her children and grandchildren.

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Lisa Prajna Hallstrom

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Upcoming Events
Anandamayi Ma Satsang with Prajna on Zoom
First Sunday of each month
4-6 pm EST
We gather from around the world to be in the Presence of Ma through chanting, contemplating her words, and meditation. We often enjoy short talks from devotees of Ma who experienced Her darshan in person and the accompanying Grace in their lives. We also watch short videos of Ma as part of the program. To receive the Zoom link to attend Satsang, email Prajna at:

A New Collection of Ma’s Satsangs Edited by Prajna
The Gospel of Shri Anandamayi Ma: Conversations with the Divine Mother Publisher TBA soon, availability late in 2021
This book is a collection of 47 question and answer sessions with Ma recorded between 1960 and 1981. It will be the first time these recordings, transcribed and translated, will appear in print. Ma’s teachings will come alive as She dialogues with devotees and newcomers during the last twenty years of Her physical life. The book will include an Index with links to the actual tapes from Ma’s archive at the Andover Library at Harvard Divinity Schoool. These tapes will correspond to the 47 translations, so that readers can listen to Ma’s voice as they read the translations.



Jai Ma - Live Kirtan CD
Jai Ma!
Now available through
Mother Of Bliss
Mother of Bliss
Now available in paperback through Oxford University Press